BaDoinkVR Review: The Ultimate Virtual Reality Porn Experience?


Talk to any successful business owner, and along with excellent customer service, offering quality products at an affordable price, and keeping an eye on the competition, you’re going to hear about the importance of innovation.

And the adult entertainment industry is no different. Unfortunately, a good number of sites seem to forget that despite the popularity of this or that new technology, they’ve failed to use it to think outside their sexual boxes.

Not so with BaDoink, who’s done everything from partnering with bleeding-edge start-ups to not only embracing technological coolness but making whatever they are a key selling point on their various sites.

Leading me to BaDoinkVR and, despite having room for improvement, it demonstrates how to do virtual reality and adult entertainment extremely well—and where they may also be giving us a glimpse into the future of porn.

Let’s take a look at BaDoinkVR


When I initially checked out BaDoink’s virtual reality site, I ran into a somewhat odd problem: no matter what Chrome extensions I turned on or off, my browser refused to load the images. Oh, they did reveal themselves when I ran my mouse over them but otherwise zip, nada, nothing.

Not exactly a major problem … just unusual. However, when I switched over to Safari (and, yes, before you ask, I am an Apple fan), all was right as pornographic rain.

That out of the way, at first glance, BaDoinkVR is considerably smoother and more polished than a large number of similar sites that frequently come off as annoyingly cluttered.

With BaDoinkVR, everything you need to know is right there on its landing page: whatever sale or discount they’re promoting, a compelling breakdown of how much (505+ VR videos) is there, how often new content is uploaded (two new ones every week), and the all-important detail about virtual reality: what hardware works with the site.

BaDoinkVR then gets to the meat and potatoes with a refreshingly brief gallery of their popular titles, a more detailed promo for a featured one, and rounding things up with four of their adult entertainment Allstars.

Let’s talk categories

No porn site worth it’s salt should scrimp on telling people what types of videos they have available. In this, BaDoinkVR falls somewhere between having so many it can be daunting—but shows they genuinely have something for everyone—and not enough.

By my rough calculation, BaDoinkVR has around 53 categories covering much of the adult entertainment basics, like MILF, foot fetish, BDSM, outdoor, lesbian, group sex, amateur, and so forth.

If queer, trans, or even bisexual—but they do have a category for three-ways—content is your fave, then, sadly, BaDoinkVR probably isn’t going to work for you.

But if you like your porn with a decidedly straight male focus, the site will more than likely get your motor running.

Video lengths, previews, etc.

badoinkvr review and discount

Since no one wants to pay for anything sight unseen, a site lives or dies on their previews: show too much, and people won’t need to sign up as opposed to hiding everything to where, again, few will be willing to use their credit cards to gamble that the video is what they’re looking for.

Here BaDoinkVR could do with improvement as they don’t offer anything like a video preview. Instead, the site has a set of still images with an option to download more of them.

This wouldn’t be an issue for a regular, run-of-the-mill porn site, though, for one supposedly about the immersive power of VR, it’s a tad disappointing. You can check out, at least somewhat, their take on virtual reality compliments of a freebie video, but there’s no guarantee it will be a good representation of what else they have.

In the plus column, BaDoinkVR’s videos are on the long side, with a few I found running shy of an hour. So if you do decide to pay, you’ll know at least the duration, if not the overall quality of the content.

What VR hardware does BaDoinkVR support?

As is common among virtual reality porn sites, you can use a wide range of rigs with BaDoinkVR. In a nice touch, whenever you look at any video, you’ll see a list of the supported rigs—and if you click on any of them, a good range of downloaded file options such as more or less frames per second (fps) or videos designed for a specific type of hardware.

On the low, low, low end of things, you can use your smartphone/Google Cardboard to enjoy the ladies doing their various VR things.

On the higher end, BaDoinkVR supports Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and Daydream View headsets.

In the middle, if you have a PS4 or PS4 Pro, Playstation VR is supported as well.

For those out there with bottomless pockets, your Value Index works with the site—and none of us are at all jealous you can play with such a fantastic piece of technology. Yep, not at all.

On the how side of things, if you have good internet, BaDoinkVR’s content is stream-able directly to whatever rig you have handy. The benefit is not having to wait a considerable, and then some, amount of time to download one of their videos. The drawback is if you do have an enviously fast connection, you’re probably going to have a deal with more than a few buffering headaches.

Using BaDoinkVR

studio review badoinkvr

A few virtual reality sites allow their content to be viewed without a rig or smartphone as a regular, non-immersive video.

This apparently isn’t the case with BaDoinkVR. Saying this, I don’t consider it a strike against them. I’d go as far as to call it a plus as it reinforces their dedication to superior-quality virtual reality content rather than slap-dashing together something to ride the VR popularity wave.

If you’re familiar with virtual reality, you know running a high-end rig takes a lot of computing power. So it frequently doubles the price of setting the thing up, with half going into the headset and the other into a computer with enough processing power to handle it.

But you get what you pay for. So if you want the richest of rich VR porn experiences, you’ll have to accept this. Otherwise, if you want to taste its potential, you can use your smartphone or take that Playstation/Oculus Quest 2 middle-road route.

More than just VR

BaDoinkVR is more than virtual reality, as they are, after all, one of those rare adult entertainment companies willing to push a technological boundary or two.

For example, BaDoinkVR has been experimenting with a somewhat distant cousin to VR: Augmented Reality.

Without getting too technical, where virtual reality uses a motion-tracking headset fitted with a pair of miniature monitors to drop a wearer into a completely artificial environment, adding an outward-facing camera to this setup allows AR content to be digitally superimposed over the real world.

This provides the illusion that a person, like an adult performer, is right there in the room with you.

To try it out, click from BaDoinkVR over to their AR test site, whip out your smartphone, snap a pic of the provided QR Code, and like magic, a bikini-clad person is sitting on your bed.

Before you get too excited, remember AR is still in its earliest stages of development—and so may not be as impressive as it eventually be.

But as the technology continues to improve, bolstered—as have lots of other developments by the adult entertainment industry—before you know it, you’ll be able to slip on a pair of augmented reality glasses and an ultra-realistic person of your (wet) dreams will be sprawled across your sofa—or anywhere else you want them to be.

Pricing and payments

badoinkvr porn site analysis rating

Money, after all, makes the world go around, and as BaDoinkVR has to earn their fair share, to get the best of what they offer, you’re going to have to plop down some duckets.

Though BaDoinkVR’s rates are pretty reasonable. To get a taste of all their sexy goodness, they even have a one-time trial membership that’ll get content streamed to your smartphone and one free video to download.

Aside from that one-time access, BaDoinkVR also has monthly and even a whopping great lifetime rate. What makes these enticing is that you don’t just get a BaDoinkVR membership but can check out BaDoink’s other sites: KinkVR for all of your BDSM needs … and desires; VRCosplayX, which is all about adult performers dressed up as your favorite characters; and 18VR, that focuses on somewhat younger-appearing porn stars.


  • High-quality virtual reality content
  • Good number of categories
  • Supports practically every VR rig
  • Videos can be downloaded or streamed
  • Fair pricing structure


  • Lack of diversity and inclusivity
  • No video previews
  • Not as many videos as other sites
  • Wouldn’t run on Chrome (though it could be my issue)

YouTube video

The verdict

Hang on; you’re in for a rather strange ride. No, I’m not talking about BaDoinkVR but how I will frame my concluding thoughts on it.

Okay, you’ve been warned. Rounding up my opinions, I find myself thinking about politics. Specifically, the hoary old chestnut of “A vote for so-and-so is a vote for progress.”

I say this as BaDoinkVR is progress, and paying for it is sort of like the aforementioned vote: your dollar (or more) supporting a company that isn’t merely riding VR’s technological coattails, cynically trying to squeeze a few bucks out of a popular trend, but are actively trying to show us, and the adult entertainment industry as a whole, what the future could be.

Tabling that for a moment, BaDoinkVR is still a sweet deal: an impressive number of videos, an affordable way to try it on for size, can be enjoyed on about every VR rig available—in addition to current-gen smartphones—and has a good if not great variety of performers doing a good if not great range of sexual things.

The cherry on top, if you pop for a monthly rate, you’ll also be able to sample their wares over at KinkVR, VRCosplayX, and 18VR.

And if you choose not to sign up for BaDoinkVR, I hope you’ll keep track of what they’re up to. Because though some things they try work out well and others don’t, you can’t deny their dedication to innovation—so who knows what wild, new erotic entertainment they’ll come up with next!

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