Aneros Vice Review: The Best Vibrating Male G-spot Stimulator?

Aneros Vice is the newest male sexual pleasure product to hit the market.

The Vice (as it is known) has been designed to help men achieve pleasure by gently massaging the prostate both internally and externally.

Created from FDA-approved materials, Vice has been designed to rest comfortably against the prostate to deliver earth-shattering orgasms to every user.

The detachable vibrator is designed with the male anatomy in mind to help users enhance orgasms by massaging their prostates.

The Vice removable vibrator is crafted from stainless steel and features an elegant brush finish that allows users to achieve different levels of mind-blowing orgasms, for hours on end.

The medical grade silicone casing and satin finish make this well-made vibrator easy to clean.

Aneros Vice Vibrator Features

  • Features a large tactile button easy for comfort and response
  • It’s an ultra-quiet vibrator
  • Operated by standard AAA batteries
  • Midsection width of 1.27 inches
  • Maximum width of 1.3 inches
  • Tip width of 1.3 inches
  • Base width of .985 inches
  • An overall length of 4.75 inches

It comes with three patterns customized with three different intensity levels for the ultimate pleasure: pulsing, ramp up, ramp up/down or constant.

The features above allow the Vice vibrator to bend and flex a little.

The Aneros Vice vibrator packaging is out of this world. The box is colored red, and the Aneros logo is discreetly labeled. Inside the box is a magnetic enclosure that ensures your vibrator is safely secured and stored.

aneros vice

How Does It Work?

The Aneros Vice vibrator is a godsend; it’s now possible for a man to administer a self-prostate massage at his pleasure and leisure.

In his own time, a man can perform anal kegel exercises and introduce the Vice vibrator which has a self-pivoting mechanism that perfectly and comfortably stimulates the prostate.

The vibrator’s design stimulates the prostate externally or internally through the perineum to deliver out of this world orgasms.

What’s more with this new design, the vibrator is completely hands freeing the man’s hands to explore the different sensations in any position he wants!

aneros-vice box

Getting the Most Out of Vice

According to several other users, one of the best ways to achieve mindboggling orgasms is by seating on the vibrator. The perfect position for a solo performer.

The well-fitted silicon is not only comfortable but, relaxing, delivering an even soft pressure on the anal walls providing the right vibration required to stimulate the prostate.

For those that have a dull or not over the top sexual life, the Vice vibrator could be the thing needed to spice things up!

With it hovering inside the man stimulating him, he will thrust harder, faster and more engaging strokes that will surprise and wow his partner.

We, however, caution newbies trying the Vice vibrator with a partner to work the lowest form of vibration first to test the waters

vice by aneros

Aneros Vice Vibrator Pros

After applying enough lube and spending quality time to get the Vice massager in, users make little contractions with the vibration mode off.

The contractions awaken the prostate by applying mild pressure which leads to small bursts of pleasure.

However, by turning the vibration on, the pulsation kicks into gear and switching in between the vibrator pattern and level settings leads to a massive erection.

The correct setting combined with the steady movement of the vibrator makes the muscles quiver and twitch delivering intense waves of pleasure throughout the body.

The materials used on the vibrator are comfortable and well designed to deliver pleasure from every inch.

The Aneros Vice massager casing is well cast ensuring that the vibrator stays secure and safe at all times. It’s also very discreet, and users can carry it without feeling embarrassed or intimidated.

aneros vice toy

The Cons

Like every other thing in life, there’s a dark side. One big drawback for me is the size of the Vice toy.

Some users feel that it’s too big, while others say that it takes a lot of lube and patience to get it in.

Also, some complain that the intensity levels are either too low or too vigorous.


The Aneros Vice is the best thing to happen to the male species yet.

Now, with this vibrator, there’s no reason for any man not to achieve an orgasm whether performing solo or with a partner.

With three different vibration patterns and three different strengths, any man is guaranteed to achieve a pulsating hard on.

By mastering the right form of body contraction, the user is guaranteed of achieving orgasms with each intense wave of pleasure gushing throughout the body.

Furthermore, after such a fulfilling sexual session, the user ends up feeling great sensations up to 12 hours after and will have the most robust awareness of their prostate in a pleasurable way.

We loved the packaging which is not only discreet but cleverly and beautifully designed.

Being an award-winning male G-spot massager and selling for less than $100, we feel that this is a reasonably priced vibrator that every man not afraid to enhance their sexual pleasure should try!

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