Aneros Helix Classic Review: Should You Buy This Prostate Stimulator?

The first impression made by the Aneros Helix Classic is definitely anything but impressive.

It looks dull, weird and does not sound like a plan; but thankfully, that is until you put it on and start using it.

Once this little buddy starts making you feel things, you will probably never go back.

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What is the Aneros Helix Classic?

Aneros Helix classic looks like a simple toy with clean design and material.

The solid white plastic has a different kind of charm, and the fact that it does not have any sharp edges makes it a good choice for an anal toy.

The Helix classic has curved solid end which enters the anus, followed by a hook-like structure that stays out of the body.

aneros helix classic

How to start?

Once you have unboxed the product and have the mood set, it’s time to fool around with it. Apply a decent amount of lubrication to ensure it slides smoothly inside the ass.

Personally, I like the shape and size and the fact that it slides without any extra effort makes it a perfect toy for beginners.

Plus, the toy stays put in its place and the wearer never has to worry about adjusting it. Even better for the first-time users.

Once the toy is inside the cavity, it’s time to do all the wild things you have been willing to do. You can lie down, relax and enjoy the hands-free orgasm as the toy tingles you.

Or, if you are a wild one, continue with the sex with your partner and let the toy freely move inside you and do its job.

While this is a totally different experience for the first time users, the men who have been using prostate massagers for a long time will too feel a different thing.

The design of the Aneros Helix Classic is crafted in a way that it continuously stimulates the male G-spot without letting you skip a second of fun.

Also, since this is a small toy, it can provide subtle as well as hard stimulation with every moment you make which are unknown or long forgotten by the man who keeps on using big toys.

To elevate the fun, a few users also recommend using a bullet vibrator on the outer part of the prostate massager.

Since the toy is 100% solid, all the vibrations are transferred from the vibrator to the inside of your body in the most efficient way.

how to use aneros

A different approach

You could also try doing some exercises for fun.

Although it might sound weird since the massager depends on your natural movement for the fun part, you will probably be required to move and do a lot of movement.

You could try going out in public if you are comfortable and let the toy sit inside and pleasure you if you are okay with having orgasms with several people around you.

If you are into a fetish like BDSM, this might be the magical toy you need in your life. Let her control you and dominate you.

Let her have her way with you and let the toy have its way with your prostate. After a while, you will realize that the only thing under your control is your breathing.

Rest, either your lady or your toy has overtaken, including your words.

The problem with the Helix

The only problem that the Aneros Helix classic has is also its big advantage.

It does not require a battery to operate, making it totally mechanical. This is fine if you find an activity that is entertaining.

But, if you are alone and depending on the little toy for pleasure, you may have a hard time understanding the things that can be done and that cannot be done to have the pleasure.

You could try producing tension in the muscles and then release it.

This will make the toy move in and out much like the real action and lead to the missing vibrations.

aneros-toys comparison

The results

With proper movement, this little toy can produce big results.

All you need to know is what your body needs. While some men can achieve a hands-free orgasmic experience, others require a strong vibrating assistance from a vibrator or with hands.

Load it on your bottom and experiment for a while to understand what works for you and what not.

I assure you that the Aneros Helix classic is capable of providing mind-blowing internal orgasms but as far as the right posture is concerned, you will have to find it out yourself.



Overall, the Aneros Helix Classic is worth a buy. It delivers what it promises.

The mechanical logic of use removes the limitation faced by the electronic massagers and the fact that it is thin and works on your G-spot in the most natural way, this little bundle of joy is a sex toy to watch out for.

Perfect for the man of every age and experience, I would definitely recommend it to the beginners and the experienced alike.

Moreover considering the price tag it bears, there is hardly anything that can replace it. So, what should be the final word on it?

Buy it only if you are the first time user or an experienced user trying to explore a different feel.

Plus, only if you have a few hours to explore what positions might work for you and what would not work for you. In case you do not have these conditions, I would totally recommend skipping it.

Prostate massagers come in all shapes and sizes.

While most of the electronic ones have lately gained a lot of popularity, toys like the Aneros Helix Classic promise a more natural way of climaxing.

If organic, raw and natural sensations are what you are looking for (minus the hassle of changing batteries and complicated cleaning procedures), this is what you need to buy.

Trust me, you will not regret your decision and once you know how it works for you, the heavenly feels are not very far.

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